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I love Iceland. It is one of my favorite places. That is saying a lot when I prefer warmth to anything cold. Even in the summer, I have been known to use the set heaters in my car. I love heat that much. Just call me The Heat Miser. However, Iceland is a magical land and it has enchanted me. Steaming ground, glaciers, volcanoes, frigid waters and hot springs. Witches, warriors and trolls, folk lore abounds in the land of fire and ice.

Go in the summer months and be treated to sunlight all day. The photo below was taken at around 11PM.

DSCN1177It is Midlina, the point where the North American and European tectonic plates meet. Here, where the world is being torn apart, you can “walk in the footsteps of the gods” between two continents. Cross the “Leif the Lucky” bridge or just slide down into the rift where cool black sands await.

 DSCN1225Perhaps it is the heat which constantly rises from the earth that made me feel warm in Iceland. Maybe it was the people. Or just everything about it.

No trip would be complete without seeing the famous Icelandic horses. They are beautiful, easy going creatures. Icelandic horses are not vaccinated, so you are not allowed to wear used equestrian equipment on any tour. These horses have a fifth gait,the tolt. It is a lovely smooth ride. They also just make the cut to be considered a horse rather than a pony. I think they have big attitudes because of that.  Just look at these beauties we saw running in the interior of the island.icelandic horse


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Last month our copy of Fast Company arrived in the mailbox. One of the spotlighted articles was Secrets of the Most Productive People. I thought “Awesome, I need some cartoon_overwhelmed_single_mom_crying_with_her_baby_royalty_free_clipart_picture_100104-152373-390042expert advice on just this topic.” So, when I had a moment to myself (okay, I locked myself in the bathroom),there I sat reading. It wasn’t a bad article, but for little ol’ me the only useful nugget I came away with was, I should be sleeping less.

Now, no one spotlighted seemed to have crazy habits like going to sleep at two a.m and waking at five a.m. However, I would say on average, most were in bed at midnight and awake at six.  Six hours of sleep.  Okay, not bad. I should be able to do that even though I REALLY love seven hours, it is my magic number.

That other hour called out to me, “Think about what you will accomplish in that time….laundry, clean the house, actually keep this blog updated, lesson plan..” The list is endless.

Reality is another thing. I wonder why I can not be like these successful and productive people. I am sure many of them have kids. But, can anyone tell me, how am I supposed to function on six hours of sleep when this is a typical night:

Midnight: drift off to sleep

One a.m.: Oldest:” Mom, I can’t sleep.”  Me: “Then just lay there. I don’t know what to tell you.”

About one-thirty: drift off to sleep, again

Two thirty: Baby wants to eat..drift off to sleep

Four a.m: Middler:” Mom, I’m lonely. Can I snuggle with you?” “No, you need to sleep in your own bed.”

About four-thirty: drift off to sleep, again

Six am: the alarm goes off

Six-o-one: hit the snooze button

Yeah, I am sure some of you will say I need to be more tough with my kids and I do try. However, I have my limits. If it isn’t sleeplessness or snuggling, there is the over flowing toilet, the dog barking because now that she is old she can not always hold it in all night, a teething child, and a host of other issues that seem to only occur in the middle of the night just as I am falling asleep.

Ahh..I’ll try again tomorrow…..




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Welcome to Hudson Homeschooling!

New Year, New Focus.

In the past this blog was used to communicate information about my art classes. While those classes are still going on, I have decided to focus on some more general aspects of homeschooling life, but still pay homage to the beautiful area we live in.

I’ve wiped the site clean, so please be patient as I update all of the pages.




East Fishkill Historical Society

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The East Fishkill Historical Society is a cute little place to visit if you are local. It will most likely only take an hour of your time, but if you love historical buildings (like me!) you are in luck. The Brinckerhoff-Pudney-Palen House was built in the late 1700’s and then added on to in 1850. It is a great house to check out.  On the property is a one room school house, an ice house, and an old barn. They are also laying the foundation for a blacksmith building. With the exception of the house, the other buildings were rescued and brought back to EFHS and refurbished.  During the year they offer a few free events to the community, such as a Christmas Open House.